1. Beliebers are retweeting old Justin Bieber tweets and denying the latest officially confirmed report of his arrest. 

  2. Detroit’s bankruptcy trial begins Tuesday, a little more than a year after it became the largest U.S. city to file for bankruptcy. 

    Detroit is hoping a federal judge will approve its plan to lower billions of dollars in debt while also allowing it to pay pensioners more than financial creditors, the Detroit Free Press reported Sunday: 

    "The plan includes commitments from the state, major corporations, foundations and others to donate more than $800 million over 20 years to soften cuts to city pensions,” The Associate Press says of Detroit’s bankruptcy plan.”In return, pieces in the city-owned Detroit Institute of Arts would be placed into a trust to keep them from being sold to satisfy creditors.” 

    Many bond insurers are fighting the plan, saying it unfairly favors pensioners.

    Image credits (from top to bottom): memories_by_mike/FlickrJason Mrachina/FlickrRick Harris/FlickrJoel Colvos/FlickrJason Mrachina/Flickrmemories_by_mike/FlickrJason Mrachina/Flickr.

    Writing by Abby Rogers; Editing by Margarita Noriega 

  3. The ‘Saved By The Bell’ Lifetime movie happened, and we live-blogged all the very special moments. In between re-watching this (somewhat non) event to catch everything you missed the first time, we hope you enjoy these delightful collages of the gang from Bayside High.

    Collages by Fusion contributor Neil Vazquez

  4. RIP, Russian space geckos. You risked your lives for science, and you made the ultimate sacrifice. Know that you will be always remembered among the many brave animals who made the journey to the cosmos. 

    You have not returned, but your legacy remains. 

    Photos courtesy of NASA. 

  5. Congratulations to our winners, calitexican, kajillionaire and chrystalbluee

    Fusion, in partnership with Legendary Films, asked readers to send us pictures of their city’s most beautiful spot next to its darkest corner as part of our “As Above, So Below” contest. 

    The lucky winners have scored three nights in Paris. They’ll visit the catacomb locations and enjoy a guided tour of the city.

    And make sure you check out our video inside the Parisian catacombs


  6. Summer is ending, so why not have a last, best milkshake?


    It wasn’t easy.

    First, we had to narrow down our vendors from basically infinity to six:

    Dairy Queen


    Max Brenner

    Haagen Dazs

    Van Leeuwen

    Momofuku Milk Bar

    Then, we had to pick out flavors. We decided on the classics (vanilla, chocolate) the off-beat artisanal (earl grey, salted caramel) the brand-sponsored (Chips Ahoy!) and the brand-mocking (Fruity Pebble).

    Here’s what they look like, in the wild:



    And here’s what they look like, in our freezer.


    This is what they look like, about to be consumed by members of the Fusion Team in New York City:





    And this is what people thought.

    Fruity Pebbles was the most controversial flavor by far. One taster, who abstained from all flavors aside from Chips Ahoy! and Fruity Pebbles, and who has lived in New York for three years and has always wanted to taste Fruity Pebbles but has only today had the privilege, explained that it was her favorite flavor because “FRUITY PEBBLES 4 LYFE.” Others would not want Fruity Pebbles for life: “fruity was just terrible… like drinking a kid’s drink, very sweet.” Another said, “Fruity Pebbles really sucked… Imagine drinking cough syrup with milk!”

    Salted caramel also stirred up some controversy. One taster told us that “i usually love [caramel], but this was below expectations.” Another said, “I really liked the salted caramel,” but mostly because it tasted like peanut butter.

    The most universally beloved, on the other hand, was Chips Ahoy! One taster said it had “good flavor and good texture,” another that “Chips Ahoy! won for me based on consistency.” Fusion loves chocolate chips. 

    And chocolate was the most not-hated. One anonymous taster said she “doesn’t even like milkshakes. But the chocolate was good.” Another said the chocolate tastedbad,” but everything else tasted “atrocious.”

    We asked people to rank the flavors, and we found a winner:


    Congratulations, Dairy Queen! Chips Ahoy! is the official ice cream flavor of Team Fusion, which apparently hates ice cream, but doesn’t hate you.


    Written by Danielle Wiener-Bronner; Edited by Margarita Noriega; Images by Danielle Wiener-Bronner; Art by Margarita Noriega. Abby Rogers and others contributed to this piece. 

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  8. Today is National Ghostbusters Day!

    Today is National Ghostbusters Day!

    Today is National Ghostbusters Day!