1. Today was (Park)ing Day, an annual holiday where “artists, designers and citizens transform metered parking spots into temporary public parks.”

    It was started by a group of artists in San Francisco in 2005 and has grown to involve hundreds of cities, all weary of our car-centric lives, demanding more green, people-friendly spaces.

    We visited the “parking” spots all around Miami that included a variety of activities such as free books, mini-golf, massages, coffee tastings, chess games and general lounging around. Despite a little rain, it was a huge success, bringing together college groups, non-profits, restaurants and artists. In a city that is seriously lacking in public transport and parks, the parking spots seemed like heavenly oases from the future. 

    Photos and writing by Elisa Rodriguez-Vila. 


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    Mexican soldiers allegedly executed 21 men and a 15-year-old girl who reportedly surrendered to them moments earlier, according to The Associated Press. The AP cited reports from a witness at the scene.


    However, official reports claim the army acted in “legitimate defense,” on June 30.


    "The witness account of what happened in Tlatlaya would reflect that we face the worst civilian massacre at the hands of the military during this presidential term,” José Miguel Vivanco, Human Rights Watch Director for the Americas, told Fusion.


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  3. MIT ups the spacesuit game with better, skin-tight design

    MIT has moved one step closer to developing a new type of spacesuit.

    In a press release, MIT designers explain that the “lightweight, stretchy garment’ is “lined with tiny, musclelike coils.” The suit is loose when astronauts slip into it, but shrink wraps when plugged into the space station’s power source. Once skintight, the suit provides the pressure needed to keep humans alive in space, and offers greater range of motion than the current, clunky space suits. It could look a lot like yoga gear:



    Images via MIT

    The suits aren’t yet ready, but they would make a fine upgrade to NASA’s most recent spacesuit redesign:



    Images via NASA.

    Not quite catwalk ready.

    Written by Danielle Wiener-Bronner; Edited by Margarita Noriega. 

    This has been a special Friday edition of Space Mondays. Happy Friday!

  4. Last month, we introduced Fusion’s Freshmen Five, students who agreed to share their experiences with us throughout the year. We touched base with them to see how they’re doing so far. 

    Elmu told us that “sleep does not matter. Red Bulls and Monsters will pull you through.” 

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    It can take just a few minutes to rent a gun for the very first time — at one Miami gun range, you just show ID, sign a waiver, pay the fees and answer a few questions about your history.


    Federal law only requires a background check to purchase a gun. No federal background check is required to merely rent one.


    According to data collected for 16 states, there were 29,000 firearm suicides between 2005 and 2010. Roughly 50 of them happened at ranges with rented guns. 


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  6. The Central Perk pop-up shop opened Wednesday in New York and it’s everything we dreamed it would be — complete with long lines, tons of coffee and all the Friends memorabilia a die-hard fan could want.

    Images by Abby Rogers

  7. Ridiculous.

    (Source: abc13.com)


  8. Meet Ai-jen Poo, the domestic workers advocate who just won a MacArthur grant

    On Tuesday, the MacArthur Foundation announced this year’s MacArthur Fellows — 21 creative individuals who receive a no-strings-attached cash sum to advance their projects. 

    One fellow, Ai-jen Poo, has spent years working to advance the rights of domestic workers in the US. 

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