3. Some millennials still really love to cook

    More than half of millennials would rather cook a meal at home than reach for the takeout menu.

  4. Meet Cassandro, a luche libre star fighting to “dignify the name of the exoticos” in Mexican wrestling.

  6. Back in 1980, Haiti was an up-an-coming Caribbean vacationland. Then AIDS happened — in the early days of the public health scare, 32 Haitian immigrants were hospitalized in the U.S. with symptoms of severe opportunistic infections. That dealt a huge blow to Haiti’s tourism industry. 

    Now, young Haitians are using social media to remind the world of their country’s beauty. 

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    Photos by Tim Rogers and Instagram users fanmdjanm; findingpaola. 

  7. Protests during the St. Louis Rams football game on Monday.

  8. The iiiPoints Festival  in Miami this weekend brought some amazing music to town like Metronomy, Questlove, Lykke Li, Chet Faker, Kelela, Jacuzzi Boys and the list goes on. What was equally amazing was the art. It might come second on the bill, but this weekend made it clear that art shares the stage with music at iiiPoints. Here are some of the artists we came across: 

    Brian Butler is a local artist that can be found at every live music event in Miami and around the country. He live sketches the musicians onstage, as well as the crowd. We ran into him just as he began drawing Lykke Li. 
    At the pre-iiiPoints party at Wood Tavern on Sunday, several artists were live-painting sneakers to auction off on behalf of the Sole Art Collective. We were hypnotized watching Andre Martinez  paint some Nike Air Force Ones while jamming to Questlove’s DJ set. 
    The incredibly talented Johnny Robles has a solo show opening at Spinello Projects and it was his biggest yet. It featured several interactive sculptures like a giant elegant see-saw and were paired with tunes by Washed Out. 
    Photographer Diggy Loyd has been photographing "20 somethings" everywhere she goes and asking them the same 5 questions. During iiiPoints you could find her at almost every event with her make-shift, portable photography studio taking beautiful portraits of passerbys (if they were in their 20s of course)
    Artist Sarah MK Moody created an intricate and surreal still-life sculpture and then invited the audience to sketch it by placing several easels around the piece and providing blank paper and pencils, making it the most interactive piece at iiiPoints. The still-life was a combination of other artist’s work and found objects. 
    Inside the festival grounds almost every wall featured an installation. There were projections (like the crazy main room one by Jason Boogie), video art, murals, and even make up artist performances by the colorful Make Up by Aileen. Some festival goers became art themselves, like local barista/poet/legend Isis Miller who rocked some iiiPoints hair art. Now that’s a festival outfit. 
    You couldn’t attend iiiPoints and not run into a piece of art. It was just as unavoidable as the vibrating beats escaping the speakers. I’d call that a success. 

    - Elisa Rodriguez-Vila, Fusion